We created this exhibition to showcase the diversity and depth of the City of Greater Geelong’s Heritage Collection. In our surveys and workshops for the report Our Heritage, Our Collection, we discovered that a lot of people did not know about this extraordinary and valuable collection. To mark our ongoing work on the region’s heritage we showcase 100 treasures from the collection.

This is a site to enjoy the beauty and diversity of the collection. The full extent of the collection is available online through our partnership with Victoria Collections: National Wool Museum, Council Art & Artefact Collection and the Geelong Maritime Museum. The Geelong Heritage Centre is also available online for further research.

Our Heritage, Our Collection Strategic Report

The City of Greater Geelong’s heritage collection is made up of six sub-collections, comprising over 12,000 objects:

National Wool Museum
Geelong Maritime Museum*
Geelong Heritage Centre*
Outdoor Collection
Council Art & Artefact Collection
Geelong Gaol

*(portion owned by Council)

The Heritage Collection is of major national, state and local significance. It covers the breadth of the community from municipal treasures to industrial and social history. In April 2020 the City of Greater Geelong finalised the report Our Heritage, Our Collection that lays the foundation for caring for and managing the Heritage Collection into the future. The report can be downloaded here. The report details four collection priorities that will guide us into the future:

  1. Significance and Care
  2. Access and Showcase
  3. Creativity and the World
  4. Diversity and Reflection

Our Heritage, Our Collection was a project of the National Wool Museum and the Arts & Culture Department of the City of Greater Geelong. The report was completed through research, benchmarking, collection audits, community surveys and community workshops. The project was supported through the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund.

Special thanks to the Geelong Heritage Centre for the support of the project.

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